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Version 4.6 released
Again a new version, this time with quite a lot of improvements (see Changelog for details). Also includes an Adminarea so please make sure that you change the admin pass. Have fun!
08 Apr 2005 by Petrus

Load Balancer officially started!
After about two weeks of beta-testing, the Load Balancer has been officially started today. It not only provides better dividing the mass of requests on different servers, but also allows you to use a different URL syntax to use the signatures in boards that block PHP-images (like phpBB).
For more information have a look at this thread; the documentation here on sourceforge will be updated soon.

EDIT: Doc is updated, look here.
EDIT2: We now have 50k LB requests in only 6 days!

Have fun!
28 Mar 2005 by Petrus

Version 4.5 released
Improvements are a better web page and a new project data handling which enables users to easily add projects. Also some bugs fixed.
27 Mar 2005 by Petrus

Version 4.4 released
As the Predictor server has been upgraded this morning, I have to release a new version that soon because for some reason the other parsing method doesn't work anymore.
Other changes are for example a better generator and a overview of existing background pictures, of course also some bugfixes. wink
20 Mar 2005 by Petrus

Support forum launched
A newly created support forum can now be found on this page. This is the perfect place for posting ideas, bugs or everything else concerning the script!
18 Mar 2005 by Petrus

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