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About the script

I wrote this script to make it possible to have more up-to-date statistics for BOINC projects in which you participate. As it uses the WAP-statistics provided by most projects, it doesn't need the huge XML files and can easily be run on every webspace with PHP support.
You can either use a public server (-> see URL-generator or the mirror list) or download the source code, perhaps modify it, and then upload it to your webspace/server in order to use it.

Since version 4.0, boincwapstats is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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Latest news

Modified Style Pack

I just wanted to announce that I have coverted the images in the Style Pack to PNG-format due to a user's problem. The new Style Pack is much bigger that the old one (ca. 300 KB -> ca. 2 MB), so I uploaded it on my webspace. Link is the same!
The bigger images will NOT change the size of the generated signatues because they have always been in PNG-format.
If you encounter problems or want to use the .jpg-files for some other reason, you can find the old package in the archive.

19 Feb 2005 by Petrus

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Thanks a lot to all the ones who provide a mirror of the script!!

Additional thanks go to Neil Munday as I got many design ideas from his counters, SuperNova (the idea of output.php is from him) and [Scylla]Ananas who found an alternative method of getting data.